Frequently Asked Questions

CSGOHustler is a website which aims improving CS:GO experience by allowing you to play different games with coins which you can gain by depositing CS:GO skins. Our aim is to offer you the best service and the greatest experience on the market. We provide 4 games:
1) Jackpot
Our jackpot has 3 rooms: low, medium and high. Each of them has a minimum amount of coins and a maximum amount of coins that people can play so you cannot get sniped by big sharks. There is a time-gap of 60 seconds in which people can deposit. If there are no players the round is restarted at the end of the 60 seconds. If only one player deposited the round is cancelled and the player is refunded. The chance to win is calculated by the following formula: amount of coins placed by you/total value*100 . Good luck! We take 5% of the total value.
2) Dices
Dices have 4 game types according to the chances to win: -50% chances: you will receive 1.95*amount of coins placed if you roll a number under 5000 -25% chances: you will receive 3.90*amount of coins placed if you roll a number under 2500 -10% chances: you will receive 9.75*amount of coins placed if you roll a number under 1000 -5% chances: you will receive 19.5*amount of coins placed if you roll a number under 500 So all you have to do is to write the amount of coins that you want to play, select the game, pray to god and press roll. Good luck!
3) Roulette
Write the amount of coins that you want to play and click the color that you to place it on: -Red(1-7) or Black(8-14) to receive x2(DOUBLE) of coins that you played if you win -Green(0) to receive x14(FOURTEEN TIMES) of coins that you played if you win It doesn’t matter how big your inventory is, or how much you play, your odds are always the same. Rolls occur in real time, across the entire site, meaning you play, win, and lose along with other players. All rolls are generated using a provably fair system – ensuring a fair roll each and every time.
4) Coinflip
This is practically like tossing a coin. Each side has 50% chance to win. When you create a game you select the side that you want to play for and the amount of coins that you want to play. By joining a game the remaining side will automatically assigned to you and you play for the amount of coins of the game you joined in. The minimum amount you can play for is 50 coins. We take 4% of the value of the room. If no one joins a room that you create within 10 minutes the room will be canceled and you will be automatically refunded.

Coins have no real-life value. They are not real money and do not have monetary value. They can only be used on our site to play or to withdraw virtual skins.

Baseline value of the virtual items is determined using publicly available data from SteamAnalyst. To those baseline values we apply corrections according to the volatility, popularity etc. Some virtual items may not be accepted(souvenir items etc.). At the moment there is no Deposit and Withdraw fee.

In order for your items to show up make sure that your Steam inventory is set to public and that your Trade Link on the site is the right one. Also, sometimes there may be a delay between Steam inventories. Be patient, your items will show up.

Do not freak out. Fill in a Support ticket. Our support team will check and will solve your problem as soon as possible. We are aiming to offer the best service on the market so you are in a good place. Good for you!

Yes. If you decline the trade or it expires you will be refunded with the coins.

Bot canceled your trade offer because you failed to accept it in the time-gap you have to accept the offer. If the bot canceled the trade you were automatically refunded.

Provably fair is a way of generating random numbers using cryptography such that the result can be verified by a third party. This means the operators cannot manipulate the outcome.

The affiliate system lets anyone earn credits by referring new players to the site. Generate your unique referral code. Share it with friends, in forum signatures, or on social media.

When new players use your referral code they will earn 20 free coins and you will earn 5 coins for each of them who will deposit items on our site(shown as depositors on Referral system Tab of your profile; those coins will not appear in the Referral system tab as Available Coins but will be directly credited to your account; you are able to see this in your personal history - History Tab).

Also, you will receive coins according the amounts of coins they play and the number of unique referrals you bring to the website:

0-50 unique referrals: you earn 1 coin per 300 coins played by them

50-200 unique referrals: you earn 1.5 coins per 300 coins played by them

200+ unique referrals: you earn 2 coins per 300 coins played by them

Those coins will appear on the Referral system tab as Available Coins that can be redeemed by pressing "Collect Earnings" button.

P.S: Introducing the CODE for Free coins will work only if you have CS:GO on your Steam Profile.

You can spend your coins by withdrawing virtual skins from our Bots. In order to be eligible for withdraw you have to deposit on the site.